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Composite Walleye Catching Graph
Years: 1992 - 2004

The following are two commposite summary graphs for comparison and anaylsis purposes. The top graph shows the number of walleyes caught each year from 1992 through 2004. The lower graph depicts the average length of walleyes corresponding to the same years. With the exception of 1998, one can generally say that - the more walleyes that are caught in a particular year yields a lower average length.

Boettcher Holding 26 1/2-inch Walleye
Bruce Boettcher's 26 1/2–incher
Spring 2000

Picture of a Walleye
Composite Graph of Walleyes Average Length Versus Number Caught
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Date Created: July 5, 1999
Last Modified: April 6, 2004
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