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1996 Menu For Fifteenth Annual
Woman Lake Spring Trip

This year is the first year we were forced to look for alternative housing in order to keep the tradition alive. My folks decided that the cabin needed a new larger bathroom. Why they just limited it to the bathroom, when, for a mere pittance, they could have expanded the bedroom next to it, I'll never know. But that's the mentality of growing up during the depression years. At any rate, the contractor was supposed to be done by opening fishing.

As the time grew nearer, it became clear that the cabin would not be complete. I started calling the resorts on Woman lake for rates and availability. The best deal, by far, was Holiday Haven. And it was approved by the group at the annual planning meeting held at Page Sports Bar in Bloomington.

The Following Is Planned To Be Made Available

Seafood Marinara over Angel Hair Pasta

This is a typical plate before the guys get to it!


(Although everybody must fend for themselves the following is available)

Fresh Bagels with 1 no and 1 low fat Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Toppings for Bagels include: cucumber/onion/tomatoes
Cereals: High Fiber Kellogg's Mini-Wheat's or Post Bran Flakes
garnish with fresh bananas or strawberries
Other fruit available are grapefruit/oranges/apples
Healthy Choice Toast with Grape jelly/margarine

(eggs and regular bacon for those souls that dare)


(everybody must fend for themselves)

The infamous bacon/lettuce/tomato sandwich
Low fat turkey/baloney/ham sandwich meats on bread
garnish with sliced cheeses/onions/tomatoes/pickles/dressings
Grilled ham and cheese or cheese only
Tuna Fish on low fat bread
BBQ charcoaled chicken sandwiches (or hamburger)
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - low fat dip


Regular and low/no fat potato chips - no/low fat dips
Regular and no fat tortilla chips with Chi-Chi's mild salsa
Fat-free cookies
Any of the above fruits
Any raw vegetable with dips
Bring your own


Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings with celery/blue cheese
Peel and eat shrimp cocktail
A Plainly Good Bruschetta
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - fat free dip
Garlic bread with parmesan cheese
(T and T's are very good!)


All evening meals will accompanied by a salad. Choice
of Caesar, Italian or Iceberg lettuce. Tomato garish.

Thursday - May 16 th

The gang (Kelly, Zieman, Woll, Sikora, Ozols &Peters) are arriving all day long

Evening Meal

Charcoal grilled chicken or hamburger on bun
garnish with onion/tomato/lettuce/mustard/ketchup/Mayo
B & M Baked Beans & Potato Chips

Friday - May 17th

The gang's all here, except Boettcher
who doesn't arrive until late Saturday.

Evening Meal

Grilled Garlic Pepper Chicken Parmesan with
Bold Tomato Sauce over spaghetti.
Italian bread

Saturday - May 18th

All Toasted The chef

All toasted the chef as we enjoyed the Evening Meal

spicy Seafood Marinara over Angel Hair Pasta
Plainly Good Bruschetta

Sunday - May 19th

Evening Meal

Sautéed Sea Bass On Bruschetta with
sautéed garlic/onions/red/green peppers
garlic bread with toasted parmesan cheese

Monday - May 20th

Time to go home - cooking's done

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