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1997 Menu For Annual Fall Muskie Trip

The Following Is The Fall Menu Planner

The planning for the fall trip, unlike the spring trip, went surprisingly smooth. Commitments were kept, thanks in large part to the fact that we were fishing the 1997, Muskies, Inc., International tournament on Leach lake and participants were obliged to pay the $45 entrance fee. We stayed at Moores lodge in Agency Bay. The cabin had a surprisingly large kitchen with an even larger kitchen table.

The ground rules, as outlined in the spring planner, were followed explicitly and without exception, lowering the overall expense considerably. Participation began to dwindle after the tournament so that by Tuesday afternoon, the group (if one could call it that) was down to Jim Baker and myself.




Everybody must fend for themselves

Low fat turkey, ham or bologna sandwich meat on bread
garnish with sliced cheeses/onions/tomatoes/pickles/dressings
Charcoal grilled chicken sandwiches (or hamburger)
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - low fat dip
Western Beans, Turkey Rubin's, Baked Beans and/or leftovers


Any raw vegetable with dips
Bring your own


Peel and eat shrimp cocktail
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - various dips
Garlic bread with parmesan cheese
Seafood Cocktail
(T and T's are very good!)
(Bloody Mary's are also)


(All evening meals can be accompanied by a salad).
(You Brought Your Own Dressing).
(Tomatoes/onions/croutons are provided.)

Thursday - Sept. 4th

Juris and I caravanned up along with Jim Baker in my truck and arrived shortly after noon. Kelly and Zieman arrived just before us while Boettcher drove by himself (as usual), and arrived late (as usual), and was the first to leave on Sunday night (as usual).

Penne pasta saute'ed in white wine with
red pepper flakes, onions, tomatoes, garlic
and capers. Served with garlic bread.

Friday - Sept. 5th

All but Bruce Boettcher and I went to the Friday Night Feed at Woman
Lake Inn while we took some time out to prepare tomatoes and such for
tomorrows meals. We did, however, manage to prepare a salad
and Chicken Marsala with Garlic Bread.

Saturday - Sept. 6th

Seafood Marinara over angel hair pasta
Garlic bread and Vegetable

Sunday - Sept. 7th

Garlic Pepper Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti, Garlic bread and veggies

Monday - Sept. 8th

Good For You, Pork Medallions with sweet Marsala wine and asparagus.

Tuesday - Sept. 9th

Well - We are down to two.
Boboli bread pizza with Contidina pizza sauce
covered with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions,
green pepper and lite "combo" pizza cheese.

Wednesday - Sept. 10th

Baker and I cheated. We went into the town of Walker, stopped by the local
Meat market and purchased two nicely marbled "T"–bone steaks, which Baker
grilled to absolute perfection. We added a baked potato complete with all
of the trimmings to complement the steak.

Thursday - Sept.11th

Time to go home - cooking essentially ended Tuesday
But on the way home we stopped in Brainard for a beer and
a nice snack at the newly opened "Black Bear".
(Actually, I believe a suburb of Brainard - Baxter)

In order to save time and energy, this is the original complete
shopping list for the 1997 Spring Menu and shopping list for the Fall trip Planner.

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Date Created: December 10, 1997
Last Modified: March 18, 2004
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