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1997 Menu For Sixteenth Annual
Woman Lake Spring Trip

The Following Is The Actual Food Consumed

(The original planning menu was scrapped)

The planning continued to be confused through the month of April and kept waffling between the opener May 9th and the following week, starting either May 14th or 15th. Waffling continued right up until grocery buying day. Needless to say - way to much food was purchased and will necessitate menu planning changes.


(everybody must fend for themselves)

Cereals: High Fiber Kellogg's Mini-Wheat's or Post Bran Flakes
Garnish with fresh bananas or strawberries
Other fruit available are grapefruit/oranges/apples
Healthy Choice Toast with Grape jelly/margarine


(everybody must fend for themselves)

Low fat turkey sandwich meat on bread
garnish with sliced cheeses/onions/tomatoes/pickles/dressings
Charcoal grilled chicken sandwiches (or hamburger)
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - low fat dip


no/low fat dips
Any of the above fruits
Any raw vegetable with dips
Bring your own


Peel and eat shrimp cocktail
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - various dips
Garlic bread with parmesan cheese
Seafood Cocktail
(T and T's are very good!)
(Bloody Mary's are also)


(All evening meals can be accompanied by a salad).
(Choice of Italian, Blue Cheese or Ranch dressings).
(Tomatoes/onions/croutons garish.)

Wednesday - May 14 th

The gang (all three of us) finally arrived around 2:30 P.M. Nobody else was coming today. As I indicated, the closer the main event came, the fewer fisherpeople were coming. The maximum number at any one time would only be four fisherpersons.
The menu was pared way back but the groceries were not.

Evening Meal

Home made pepperoni/onion/mushroom pizza

Thursday - May 15th

Evening Meal

Spicy Seafood Marinara over Angel Hair Pasta
Garlic Bread

Friday - May 16th

Evening Meal

Grilled Swordfish smothered in a mushroom
/shallot/scallop/caper Fat Free Gravy
Baked Potato with sour cream
(four hour baked potatoes where like golf balls) Vegetable

Saturday - May 17th

Evening Meal

Boboli bread pizza with Contidina pizza sauce
covered with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, green pepper
and lite "combo" pizza cheese.

Sunday - May 18th

Well - We are down to two. Leftovers are served

Evening Meal

Pasta with Bold Tomato sauce
Garlic bread

Monday - May 19th

Evening Meal

Whatever is in the Frig
Charcoal grilled chicken on bun
Garnish with onion/tomato/lettuce/mustard/ketchup/mayo
B & M Baked Beans

Tuesday - May 20th

Time to go home - cooking ended last Saturday

In order to save time and energy, this is the original complete
shopping list for the 1997 Menu Planner.

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Date Created: April 10, 1997
Last Modified:February 25, 2004
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