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1997 Christmas Neighborhood Dinner
December 1997

Clipart of Wine and Food APPETIZERS

Marinated Shrimp and Artichokes
(Shrimp marinated with artichokes/roasted peppers/)
(green onions/garlic and red wine vinegar)

Endive Leaves With Artichoke/Tomato Ensemble
(endive "boats" filled with an artichoke/zucchini/)
(green onion/tomato/garlic/basil mixture)

Tomato Crostini
(Baked baguette bread covered with mozzarella,)
(topped with tomato/garlic/onion/pepper mixture)

Image of two bubbley champange glasses

An Italian Bouillabaisse
(A blend of shrimp, red snapper, lobster, mussels)
(and swordfish in a spicy anise tomato sauce)


Mixed Greens with Hearts of Palm with
An Italian Bruschetta Vinaigrette


Sautéed Sea Bass On Bruschetta
(sautéed sea bass on italian bread topped with a)
(tomato/shallot/orange/garlic/basil/ marinade)

Good For You Pork Medallions Marsala
(Lean pork tenderloin medallions sautéed with)
(mushrooms/capers and Marsala wine)

Penne pasta sautéed in white wine
(with tomatoes garlic/onions/capers)
(and crushed red pepper)

Spaghetti tossed with Bold Tomato Sauce


Cheesecake with Choice of Raspberry or Cherry Topping Coupled With A Variety of After Dinner Liquors

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