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1998 Menu For Seventeenth Annual
Woman Lake Spring Trip

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our cabin, on Broadwater Bay, was not available this spring. My parents decided to redecorate the kitchen last Fall and the contractor has been using it as "fill-in" work throughout the winter and spring months, and was not even close to completion. We were forced to rent cabins at a local resort. We chose Hunter's Bay Lodge [NOT Recommended **], since Dok Holiday Resort (Holiday Haven) (recommended) was not available (see below). The planning meeting was held at Page Sports Bar and went very smoothly, as the number of attendees solidified by the end of April. It was agreed that the ground rules were to be followed by everybody.

Below. Since we originally stayed at Hunter's Bay Lodge, The lodge was sold to a private development company that demolished the lodge, partitioned the land into 130-foot lots, improved the road, upgraded utilities and are selling them as "executive home sites". In addition, Holiday Haven changed ownership and is now called Dok Holiday Resort.


Everybody brings their own


Peel and eat shrimp cocktail
Raw veggies - broccoli/celery/carrots - various dips
Garlic bread with parmesan cheese
Seafood Cocktail


All evening meals can be accompanied by a salad if they prepare it themselves
Choice of dressing is up to the individual since he must bring their own
Tomatoes/red onion slices and croutons will be provided

Wednesday - May 13 th

The gang (Kelly, Zieman, Woll, Sikora, Ozols, Peters and first time guest Morrice) finally all arrived around 3:30 P.M.
As usual Boettcher would arrive on Friday evening and leave on Sunday afternoon

Evening Meal

Home made pepperoni/onion/mushroom pizza

Thursday - May 14 th

(No one else today)

Evening Meal

Spicy Seafood Marinara over Angel Hair Pasta accompanied by garlic bread

Friday - May 15 th

Bruce Boettcher arrived

Evening Meal

Grilled Swordfish smothered in a mushroom
/shallot/scallop/caper Fat Free Gravy
Baked Potato with sour cream

Saturday - May 16 th

Evening Meal

Boboli bread pizza with Contidina pizza sauce
covered with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, onions, green pepper and lite "combo" pizza cheese

Sunday - May 17 th

Evening Meal

Pasta with Bold Tomato sauce and garlic bread

Monday - May 18 th

Evening Meal

Whatever is in the Frig
Charcoal grilled chicken on bun
Garnish with onion/tomato/lettuce/mustard/ketchup/mayo
B & M Baked Beans

Tuesday - May 19 th

Time to go home - Tails tucked between our legs - The walleyes won this year

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