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Tuesday's Pictures For May 20, 2003

A Beautiful Sunset Thru The Clouds

Sunset on Woman Lake, Minnesota, Tuesday, May 20, 2003, looking toward Government Point. Almost a Turner painting, don't you think? If I could somehow embed the sounds of the Loons, you'd almost be there too, wouldn't you? Close your eyes, empty the thoughts of the day, and just imagine..

Juris Sitting With Laptop In Boat

Well, even in the midst of that enchantment, duty calls. I have to do my daily report, and what better place than to do it than here? This, by the way, is a magnificent demonstration of the difference between "fishing" and "catching." The picture shows me fishing, you do understand... And catching isn't a part of the equation. (But let me also say, that while I was "fishing," Jerry and Rick were trying their hardest to do some catching, but they didn't catch anything either.)

Northern Twisted Up With Fishing Line

But this poor Northern did get caught, earlier in the day. Rick caught it, Jerry managed to get his line entangled during the process, and you see the resulting mess. I have to say that the one most disgruntled by the whole thing was the shiner minnow (next to the tail of the fish) which didn't survive. Everybody else, including the Northern which was released, eventually recovered.

Group Picture of All 8 of us

Our traditional group picture, Tuesday morning, on the deck of Jerry's cabin, overlooking the channel toward the main lake.

Picture 5 -

This is a picture of Rick's 22–inch Walleye from this morning. Ooops... No picture. Rick claimed that Pat took several shots, but the cover was on the lens, or Pat didn't push the button the right way, or something. Anyway, no picture. Of course, Rick is an honest man, and we all believe him without question when he says that he caught the big Walleye, in the middle of a massive cold front, after only an hour of fishing, when we couldn't catch anything in three days of perfect weather. Of course we believe him...


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