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Wednesday's Pictures For May 21, 2003

Rick holding an 18 inch Walleye

Rick Zieman with his 18–inch Walleye from this morning (Rick is the one with the open mouth). That makes two Walleyes for Rick – an amazing record for this year. And we still have two days to go.

A Perch Snagged by the Tail

Of course, anybody can catch a Walleye when the fish swallows the bait. I, on the other hand, have been experimenting with unconventional techniques. After some trial and error, I'm perfecting a method of snagging the fish by, well, the ass. I'm starting with Perch, and will soon try it out with Walleyes

The good news is that you can catch fish this way even when they're dormant and not biting. The bad news is that it's illegal, and the DNR would not be happy. I'm also working to change the regulations to allow my new method.

A Male Bowfin Guarding the Nest

This is our dock fish on its spawning nest. I believe I told you it was a "Dogfish." After more research on the web, it's clear that the formal name of this species is "Bowfin." It may or may not also be referred to as a Dogfish. I don't think it is – I think that the term Dogfish is more often associated with the Burbot / Eelpout variety. But Peters thinks that the Bowfin is also a Dogfish. Confusion. If any of you WLR readers (Rose?) have some definitive insight into this, please let us know.

A Loon Posing For A Picture

No confusion on this one – it's a Loon that let us get amazingly close to it out on the lake this afternoon for pictures. But it wasn't talking. On the other hand, its mate was acting so screwy – splashing, jumping, flopping around – that we just watched in amazement. None of us had ever seen anything like it. At first we thought it had gotten wrapped up in fishing line or something, and was struggling. But then Peters speculated as to how it was a mating dance. I think it was drunk

Million Dollar Cabin Barely Visable Thru Trees

Barely visible behind these trees on the south shoreline of Woman Lake is a cabin for sale. It has five bedrooms, fourteen acres of land, and 600 feet of lakeshore. We talked to the realtor putting up the "For Sale" sign on the dock. He offered us a special deal, $1,200,000. After some consideration, we declined. But it was an intriguing thought.


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