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Monday's Pictures For May 17, 2004

Annual Group Photo

Our traditional annual "Group Picture." Rick Zieman started taking these 10 years ago, self-timed camera, and we have a whole gallery of them. From left - Upper row: Me (Juris), Lee Woll; Second Row: Pat Kelly, Jerry Peters, Bruce Boettcher; Front: Jack Sikora, Rick Zieman.

The Fishing Log Book

I started keeping records (yellow notebook) on our annual trips in 1984. These two books have two decades of handwritten "hieroglyphical" stastistics of our trips.

Woman Lake Rusty Crayfish

No, not a Maine lobster. This is a closeup of a craysfish that Rick brought up hanging onto his shiner minnow, while fishing for Walleyes.

Pat Kelly Holding a Perch

Nice picture of Pat Kelly with a Perch. We've caught only two Perch this year, compared to the early years of our trips when we caught hundreds.

Jerry Waiting For Juris

Jerry in his boat at the dock, preparing to go out for the
"evening bite."
Editor's Note: Actually Jerry is waiting for Juris to take this picture.

Channel From Girl To Woman

The scene to the left as we go into Broadwater Bay from the channel to Girl Lake. Jerry's cabin is actually on Girl, but it's all one system.

Beautiful Red Sky Sunset

Rick took this nice sunset picture tonight.

Jerry Sillouetted Against Setting Sun

I also took this nice sunset picture, but Jerry got in the way. I retaliated, photographically, by putting the horizon through his head.

Jerry's Third Walleye of the Day

Later on, Jerry caught this 16 1/2" Walleye, his third Walleye of the day. That's a great day. I didn't catch any Walleyes, but I also had a great day.

Picture 10 is a little large and may take Longer to Download

If you have a DSL or other broadband connection, you may want to download an 4 megabyte QuickTime video clip of me (the editor) catching a northern pike.


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