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Twenty–Third Annual Woman Lake Walleye
Spring Fishing Trip Preview Pictures

Dock Area of Jerry's Cabin

The dock area. The dock on the left came with the cabin when purchased. It is nearing it's lifetime but still serviceable. The dock on the right is in it's third year. It's ready for fishing. Just hope the walleyes are in the mood for catching.

Old Dock's Wheels Above Water

Although it may be difficult to see, both wheels are considerably above the water. Normally they are covered. But this year the lake is very low, which will make it difficult to navigate Jerry's, Lee's and Pat's boats into and out of the dock area.

Low water Mark

This is the first year that the new dock's on ramp has tilted down.
There is also a modest amout of beach front!

Feul Depot Construction Progress

Last year the foundation and three of the walls were completed. This years goal is to complete the structure by adding a roof and bi-fold doors in the front. What with gas prices very high, Jerry will wait to fill the tank.

A Ruff Grouse On The Ground

Jerry was passing the garage nearest the bird feeder when he saw this grouse moving on the ground. He went to get his camera and when he returned, the grouse had died.

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