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Saturday's Pictures For May 15, 2004

Juris's Boat In Storage

This is how a fishing boat looks in one's garage, after a long winter's storage, on the night before the annual trip Up North. But you should have seen what a mess it was before I cleaned it up.

Pat Kelly's boat Seats Frosted

Pat Kelly's boat at 7 am on the morning of Fishing Opener, 2004. The white stuff on the seats is not pigeon poop. It's heavy frost. The temperature fell to 29 degrees the night before. This is Minnesota.

Jack and Lee Studying GPS

Lee Woll and Jack Sikora studying the manual for the new handheld GPS unit that Lee bought this spring. They're trying to figure out where they are. I hastened to inform them that they were on the deck of Jerry's cabin. Not much reaction.

Nesting Loon in Channel

One of at least two Loon nests this year. This one is in the channel at the same spot the Loon nest two years ago was blown into the lake by the storm. Sure hope it doesn't happen again. But is it the same Loon pair?

Fist Walleye Caught By Juris

My traditional salutation to the first Walleye of the year, a 16-incher, caught after only four hours on the lake. That's precisely 50% of my total catch last year for the entire trip.

Jerry Fighting a Large Log

Jerry Peters with a massive battle on his hands to bring in the next-to-the-biggest catch of the day.

A Branch Disgused as a Fish

A close up of the next-to-the-biggest catch of the day.

Holding Log as a Fish

Jerry Peters holding up the next-to-the-biggest catch of the day, after he fought it to the boat and we brought it in. I have to report that he did not release it.

A Large Stump Fish

Jerry caught the biggest catch too.

Saturday Nights Dinner

Finally, our standard "Dinner" picture. Jerry and Bruce fixed up this 12 pound roast for us. We're used to this kind of thing, after many years of Woman Lake trips. Jerry and Bruce love to cook. The rest of us love to eat. A true "win-win."


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