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Sunday's Pictures For May 16, 2004

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Horseshoe Island on Woman Lake, picture taken from one of our favorite fishing spots. Note the blue skies and fluffy white clouds. It didn't last. The rains came...

Kelly and Zieman in Boat

Rick Zieman conveying some tidbit of fishing wisdom as Bruce Boettcher listens and Jerry Peters falls asleep.

Kelly Fighting a Northern

Pat Kelly bringing in one of his many Northerns. The bend in the rod - very little, you may note - gives a clue to the trivial size of the fish.

Kelly Bruce and Jerry Bundled in Boat

Pat, Jerry, and Bruce bundled up against the wind and rain. Contrast this picture with the great weather of Picture 1, taken only a few hours earlier.

Rick Zieman Holding a Perch

Rick and the only Perch of the trip so far. Note how he is holding out toward the camera, trying to make it look bigger. Now why would anybody try to make a Perch look big?

Rick Zieman Holding a Walleye

Rick and his first walleye, allegedly 20" - see next picture.

Rick Zieman Measuring Fish

Rick in the act of measuring his walleye. Note that the nose of the fish rests at the 1" point of the ruler. So Rick, how big really was that fish?

Juris Starring at Computer

Juris slaving away on his Macintosh computer, hard at work on Woman Lake Reports. He'd rather be fishing. Except for tonight, cause he's cold and wet from the rain, not to mention hungry.

Color Radar Showing Rain

The radar weather picture for Minnesota tonight. Woman Lake is smack dab in the middle.

Sundays Dinner

Sunday dinner. Beef tenderloin, Portabello Mushrooms, and lots and lots of other great food, thanks again to Jerry and Bruce. We don't do hot dogs and brats.


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