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Tuesday's Pictures For May 18, 2004

Jack Sikora Sitting on Bow

I haven't had any pictures of Jack and Lee, because they consistently forget to take their camera out with them, but that doesn't matter cause they haven't caught any fish anyway. This is Jack. He is holding a "Redeye" lure. See next caption.

Lee Woll Sitting on Bow

This is Lee. He is also holding a "Redeye" lure. They did that deliberately because they thought it would irritate me. It's a long story, never mind. I love both of these characters.

Lee's New Crestliner Boat

Lee on the bow of his boat at Jerry's dock. It's a good place
to fish with Redeye lures, casting onto shore.
The lures work there as well as anywhere.

Jack and Lee in Jacks Boat

Jery, Lee, and me on Jerry's boat going out this morning. No, I'm not covering my face, sobbing, because I haven't caught any fish. I'm actually putting on suntan lotion because it is now bright sun and roasting hot. Picture by Rick Zieman from their boat.

Jerry and Lee in Jerrys Boat

See caption above, relative to what Jerry is doing. Picture by me from our boat.

Ricj and Pat in Pats boat

Rick in Pat's boat. He's just baited up a Lindy Rig with a "Silver Shiner" minnow, and is about ready to fish. It was hopeless. The Walleyes treated him and his shiner with utter contempt. Walleyes, kind of like human teenage progeny, are good at that.

Rick Zieman standing in Boat

Rick explaining something to do with length of a certain fish, frost depth in Minnesota, or his pile of dirty laundry already collected on this trip. Not sure. Pat doesn't care either.

Smallmouth Bass Spawning in Shallow Water

Okay. I concede that this is a scroungy picture - it looked way better in person, with polarizing sunglasses on. But what you see is a Smallmouth Bass, some 15 - 18 inches long, hanging off a rock in 4 feet of water off Government point, flat calm and bright sun. There are a couple dozen bass out there like that.
We've never seen anything like it.

The Queen of Diamonds Lying on  Lake Bottom

Another picture shot in the crystal clear waters of Woman Lake this morning. Would you believe 25 feet? How about 5 feet?

Wave Pattern on Lake

Rick took this picture of a peculiar set of waves, with flat water otherwise. I was hoping that it might be some local version of "Nessie," but no such luck. Boat wakes.

Eagles Nest In White Pine

A huge eagle's nest, with the eagle next to it, just outside the channel into Woman Lake. We've seen lots of eagles. More eagles than walleyes.

Juris and Jerry in Jerrys Boat

Finally, this one. I don't have a caption for this picture. But, you really and truly have to believe me. Jerry and I were having the time of our lives out there today...


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