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Friday's Pictures For May 20, 2005

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Friday morning, second day, and Jerry getting his boat ready to go get the walleyes. They were hot yesterday, and will be better today

Kelly and Zieman in Boat

Nice shot by Rick Zieman of Pat Kelly driving their boat, heading for walleyes. Note the steely-eyed "walleye pro" look on Pat's face too, just like Jerry's in the picture yesterday.

Kelly Fighting a Northern

Rick and Pat in their boat, just off Horseshoe Island. Is Pat gesturing to show the size of a fish they caught? Well, yes, if you consider a dogfish a fish.

Kelly Bruce and Jerry Bundled in Boat

Okay, here it is. Does this look like 27 1/2" to you? That's what Pat claimed.

Rick Zieman Holding a Perch

Here's my own dogfish, the second one I've caught this trip already. One walleye, one northern pike, two dogfish...

Rick Zieman Holding a Walleye

A picture from yesterday - Rick and a modest northern. That was the "first fish" for our group.

Rick Zieman Measuring Fish

Jerry Peters working to get the hook out of his first walleye, a fifteen incher. He released it, of course, just like we've all released every single walleye we've caught on Woman Lake the last ten years or so


Sunset on Woman Lake. Quite often the walleyes have an "evening bite" about this time of evening, and they did today.


Our fishing Buddy Peter Hunt who sprang a major surprise on us by showing up unannounced, flying in from Texas.

Jerry getting the roastbeef ready for the oven for tonight's dinner. Twenty five pounds of meat, all for the six of us. Jerry makes spectacular dinners, truly spectacular.




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