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Monday's Pictures For May 23, 2005

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Our traditional "Group Shot." Back L to R: Jerry Peters, Peter Hunt, Bruce Boettcher. Front L to R: Juris Ozols, Rick Zieman, Pat Kelly. Rick's camera on self timer.

Kelly and Zieman in Boat

Peter Hunt in his last moments on Woman Lake this year. He was on a plane back to Texas within hours of this photo. And sorry about it too.

Kelly Fighting a Northern

Rick and his 30-inch Northern Pike from this morning. The biggest fish of the trip so far.

Kelly Bruce and Jerry Bundled in Boat

The Loon's nest on the channel between Girl and Woman Lake. Be sure to listen to the Loon calls Jerry recorded - the link is in the email.

Rick Zieman Holding a Perch

Turtles on a muskrat house in the Girl Lake channel. They're also taking a nap, and we understand.

Rick Zieman Holding a Walleye

An Eagle guarding its nest close to Government Point. The second year in a row we've spotted that one. Jerry's Nikon digital camera with 300 MM lens.

Rick Zieman Measuring Fish

Rick Zieman takes spectacular sunset pictures.

See what I mean?


Jerry fighting one of the many lunker walleyes he got today. This one was a 12-incher.

This is what a walleye looks like in the water at 9:45 pm. Note the eye - that's where the name comes from.

Jerry's 22-incher, the biggest walleye of the trip and his best for many a year.

And finally. Have you ever heard that sickening "clunk" followed by total silence when you tried to start the boat out in the middle of the lake at 10 pm? Fortunately, the trolling batteries had some juice even if the starting battery was belly up. We got home only a half hour late.




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