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Saturday's Pictures For May 21, 2005

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

The ultimate secret hotspot, as we discovered today. Rick and Peter fishing off Jerry's dock. Picture taken from the deck of the cabin.

Kelly and Zieman in Boat

And here's Peter bringing in a massive crappie. We had to work a bit to get this "splash" shot though.

Kelly Fighting a Northern

The crappie, as big a crappie as I've seen in quite a while. So what if it isn't a walleye - a nice fish is a nice fish.

Kelly Bruce and Jerry Bundled in Boat

One more dock shot - Rick and an 18" Largemouth Bass. Interesting that we've never, ever, caught a largemouth fishing walleyes on Woman Lake in 24 years. (Jerry's cabin is on Girl Lake, connected by a channel to Woman.)

Rick Zieman Holding a Perch

A picture of Rick taking a picture of us. This gives you a feel for the size of the waves this morning.

Rick Zieman Holding a Walleye

A bad hair day? Nah - just waving to Rick as he took that last picture.

Rick Zieman Measuring Fish

When I said "last picture" I meant it. Rick was a good friend, it's too bad.


Jerry Peters reflected in the screen of his very expensive and highly sophisticated Lowrance X-15 depth finder, which we suspect is broke. It consistently tells us that we're in either 1.7 or 1222.2 feet of water. If it's not broke, we're fishing too deep or too shallow

A scroungy looking crowd of anglers, driven off the lake early (for a change) by rain, thunder and lighting. So why are they all so happy?


They're happy because the storm blew over and they could go back out again for the evening bite. Pat and Rick on their way.

And then, Bruce and Jerry had a "double." After some debate, we decided that each one of them caught a fish smaller than the other one.


Me hard at work last midnight creating the Woman Lake Reports on my faithful Macintosh Powerbook. That beloved computer of mine has done the WLR's for four years now.




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