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Sunday's Pictures For May 22, 2005

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Pat Kelly, nap time. You know, 24 years ago when we started this Woman Lake thing, mid afternoon naps were a foreign concept. Now... Pat's not the only one.

Kelly and Zieman in Boat

Once Pat got refreshed from his nap he went out and caught this exquisite stick. As pretty a stick as what any of has ever caught, and we catch a lot of them.

Kelly Fighting a Northern

Have you ever wondered how many minnows you actually get when you buy "4-dozen shiners"? Rick counted 'em this afternoon. You get 49 shiners.

Kelly Bruce and Jerry Bundled in Boat

This was yesterday's hot bait on that hot spot, the dock. I threw it out there for a half hour today. One snag. That was it.

Rick Zieman Holding a Perch

Bruce Boettcher getting pummeled by wind and rain and spray as we came home from the morning's fishing in waves as big as any we've ever seen on Woman Lake. He survived

Rick Zieman Holding a Walleye

Peter Hunt (that's his nose you see) in the same conditions. He also survived. None of us in our fishing crowd gets the slightest bit seasick, and it's a good thing too, cause today would have been murder on anybody susceptible to that.

Rick Zieman Measuring Fish

Bruce measuring one of the two fish from this morning, Jerry's 27 inch northern. Jerry caught it using the clever technique of reeling in his line unaware a fish was on the hook until it jumped at boatside..

Jerry is starting to slack off.  We had that 25 pound roast beef the 
other day, but today's prime rib for dinner was only 15 pounds.  
We're obviously in danger of starvation.


Finally - the end of a long, windy day. Note the moon above Pat's head. A really pretty full moon tonight in a cloudless sky. Fish are supposed to bite exceedingly well under a full moon, according to classic fishing lore.




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