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Sunday's Picture of Woman Lake's "Hot Spots"

Revised May 22, 2005

A - Jerry’s cabin on Girl Lake, a mile or so from Longvile.

B - Government Point. We basically stop there every time on the way in and out from the cabin. Our biggest walleye - 27” - was caught here.

C - The “Gold Coast” - lots of expensive houses. We catch 12” walleyes here by the dozens.

D - The “Clay Banks.” One time 12 years ago we caught 3 big walleyes here. Have never caught another one, but we fish it regularrly. A favorite spot.

E - “ Horseshoe Island.” A hot spot for “dogfish,” of whatever species.

F - The “Blue Boat.” One time, the same year that the Clay Bank was hot, a blue boat parked here. It was gone the next year and never came back, but we still call it that. Every 3 years we catch a fish here.

G - “ Lantern Bay” Snag city. A man could get rich by mining the lead from the sinkers that cover the bottom here. Last year we watched a DNR boat dump billions of walleye fry here, all of which were instantly devoured by a school of waiting perch.




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