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Saturday's You Ask For It - 2006


Heron Ready for Flight

This info on yesterday's mystery bird from Gary Nelson in Maryland:

Looks like a Great Blue Heron. 

Size 48 inches. Largest heron of the Heron family. Adult has white head with 2 black plumes, neck brownish-gray, shoulder patches black, rest of plumage grayish-blue. Blue coloration and flight with head drawn in distinguish it from the similarly sized sandhill Crane. The voice is a guttural squawks, flat harsh honk of "frahnk, frahnk, frahnk". Flies with slow, steady, heavy wingbeats; can soar will. Fishes by standing motionless in water for prolong periods.

 The smaller "Little Blue Heron" is a medium size, slender bluish, lack-tipped bill, feet and legs greenish, head and neck deep chestnut (no white in front), other parts slaty-blue and looks black at a distance. It's voice croaks and screams, "tell you what, tell you what".

Green Heron is 16-22 inches. A small, dark Heron. The neck is maroon, front white, upperparts blue-green (often looks more blue than green and may appear dark at a distance), legs are orange.

Reference: Harper & Row Complete Field Guide to North American Wildlife.

I see plenty of those great fishing experts in southern Maryland.



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