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Monday's Pictures For May 22, 2006

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Rick Zieman likes to get up and out early.  This morning he and Pat went fishing in the fog, and Rick got some awesome shots.  I’ve always maintained it’s impossible to take a bad photograph in early morning fog.  Especially with Loons.

Blue Heron in Flight

Here’s another fine photo by Rick

Bruce Hand Measuring a Walleye

And then the fourth one. Beautiful photography.

Cabin view of the Dock Area

The view out from the dock area at the cabin

Lee and Jack Off Clay Banks

My Walleye tackle box.  I use about 10% of the items in it, mostly putting new line on and tying hooks.  Fireline is an excellent line – I use the 6 pound test.  Much better than the monofilament that was my standard line for a long time.  The snagless sinkers are also great, ranking up there with duct tape as a couple of the top ten inventions of mankind.

Pat Kelly Holding 19-inch Smallmouth

The DNR (Dept of Natural Resources) man stopped us on the lake for a “creel check.”  We bent his ear about our 25 years of Woman Lake fishing.

Rick Zieman HOlding 30-inch Northern

Peter Hunt’s 29 inch Northern Pike from tonight.  This is a fine picture of classic Nothern markings.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

Peter and Pat recording the fishing statistics for the day.  We measure the length and record every Walleye and northern we catch and release.  We’ve been doing that since 1992.  I believe these stats must be unique.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

The “2006 Woman Lake Muskie” was in the open patch of water between the boat lift and the weeds on the right side.

Map of Woman Lake

This is Woman Lake, showing Jerry’s cabin and the location of the Loon’s nests.  We frequently fish off Government point for Walleyes, and Lee and Jack go up to Lantern Bay for Northerns.  This year we also spent a lot of time chasing Walleyes around the bay south of Lantern, but caught mostly Northerns there too.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Yes, it’s time to fix up the lakeshore a bit and go home.  Fishing is over for the year and for the quarter century of Woman Lake trips.




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