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Saturday's Pictures For May 20, 2006

Jerrys new 18 foot pontoon

Pat Kelly and Rick Zieman in Pat’s 14’ aluminum Lund.  And yes, it was about as cold as it looks.  Note the water color.  Certain light conditions produce a “silver” shine on the water.

Jerry Fixing Battery In Boat

Ozols on the dock examining a picture he just took with his awesome Canon EOS 20D digital camera.  That’s a 75-300MM zoom lens with Image Stabilization.

Jerry Again Fixing Battery

Peter Hunt about to net Jerry’s 26 inch Northern.

Longville Area Dock

And Jerry posing with his 26-incher.  You might not be able to tell from the picture but it was barely hooked, snagged on the outside with the Lindy Rig hook.  Amazing it didn’t break loose.

Pat Kelly Holding 17-inch Walleye

Peter Hunt and his first Walleye of the trip, a 15-incher.  And with this picture too, yes it was cold.

Sunset over Government Point

One of the two Loon nests we’ve found this year, this one across the channel from Government Point.

Eagle Watching For Loons Babies

An eagle perched high up in a tree directly above the Loon nest in Picture 6.  The eagle’s nest is in the next tree.  This does not bode well for the little Loonling when it eventually hatches, not well at all.

Juris Starring at Computer

The other Loon’s nest in the channel itself.  This nest has had Loons the last several years.  No eagle nearby.

Prime Rib Ready For Dinner

We debated whether the Jerry’s prime rib for dinner weighed more or less than a 50-inch Muskie. 



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