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Sunday's Pictures For May 21, 2006

Horseshoe Island - Woman Lake

Jerry hastily peeling off an expired boat registration and applying the new one that makes him legal.  His motivation?  The DNR boat was approaching us, checking on various matters on the lake.

Blue Heron in Flight

This is what a 28 1/2” Northern Pike looks like as it is being brought to the boat after being caught with a Lindy Rig.

Bruce Landing an Early Morning Walleye

Bruce attempting to net the aforementioned 28.5 Northern caught by Jerry.  He missed it two or three times, almost knocked it loose.  But he said that if it had been a 50-inch Muskie he obviously would have netted it cleanly on the first try.

Bruce Hand Measuring a Walleye

This is how we measure fish before releasing them, a tape fastened to the back of the boat.

Lee and Jack Off Clay Banks

Rick:  “This was actually an incompetent net job.  Somebody was trying to take pictures, said ‘turn this way and that,’ and I messed it up.”  Lots of messing up of netting today, but looks like the photographer got a decent shot.

Pat Kelly Holding 19-inch Smallmouth

As part of his incompetence, Rick got the Northern all entangled in the net and it took five minutes to get unwrapped and back into the water.  Lots of advising going on, but nobody else got Northern slime on their hands.

Rick Zieman HOlding 30-inch Northern

Peter Hunt’s 18 inch Walleye, his best to date.  The man lives in Texas, fishes bass, and has a 21-incher to his credit down there.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

This is Jerry’s 24 inch Walleye, our best of the trip so far.  This kind of fish isn’t caught every year.  Released.  Not even a vague thought of keeping it – we release them with pride.  In this case another boat was close by, and Jerry made sure they saw us putting it back in.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Pat Kelly driving his boat out for the evening fishing.  The temperature was around 55 degrees, and Pat had multiple layers of clothes like we all did.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Rick’s fine shot of a Loon at sunset.  Lots of Loons on the lake this year.

Striped Marlin Posing for a Picture

Ooops, How did this picture get in here?  It’s not Woman Lake, it’s Mazatlan Mexico earlier in May.  Anyway, now that it’s in here, you can see what an 8-foot 130-pound Striped Marlin looks like.  They don’t use Lindy Rigs down there.




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