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Thursday's Pictures For May 18, 2006

Jerrys new 18 foot pontoon

Jerry with his new pontoon boat on the water for the very first time at the Woman Lake launch. He now owns three boats. This is the only one that works.

Jerry Fixing Battery In Boat

Jerry trying to get Boat # 2 ready for fishing, in his garage. Lee Woll and Jack Sikora offering advice, but to little avail.

Jerry Again Fixing Battery

We got it in the water. It didn’t start. More battery work.

Longville Area Dock

After some hot swapping of batteries, it finally goes. This is the boat launch area in Longville.

Pat Peter and Rick in Boat

Pat Kelly, Peter Hunt and Rick Zieman on the way back to the cabin after a hard day catching walleyes. Note the nice reflection in the water. When Woman Lake calms down in the evening, it can be beautiful

Pat Kelly Holding 17-inch Walleye

Earlier in the day, Pat with his 17 inch walleye, the biggest so far. If we don’t get at least something over 20 inches I’ll be surprised.

Sunset over Government Point

Sunset at Government Point.

Juris Starring at Computer

The Government Point buoy in the glow of sunset. Something new this year – it has a light on top to guide boats in after dark. That will be useful.




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