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Friday's Pictures For May 18, 2007

Jerry Peters and Pat Kelly

Intrepid Master Walleye Fishermen Jerry Peters (foreground) and
Pat Kelly on their way out to Woman Lake. Determination and expectation on their faces. Jerry got one (17 incher) and Pat caught
a 7-incher.

Blue Heron in Flight

Rick Zieman with a very nominal Woman Lake Smallmouth Bass, a 17-incher. Rick caught it within 15 minutes of getting on the lake. We get those regularly even though we don’t fish for them (out of season). They’re mixed up with the walleyes.

Bruce Landing an Early Morning Walleye

A nice evening shot by Rick Zieman of Jerry Peters working hard to better his record. Skunk. But evening fishing is the best that there is on Woman Lake.

Bruce Hand Measuring a Walleye

Pat and his 7 inch walleye. That’s the one that Pat is holding. The minnow – in the walleyes mouth – wasn’t much smaller.

Lee and Jack Off Clay Banks

Jerry’s new 16-foot Tracker boat, a classic fishing boat. Note that Jerry and Bruce Boettcher are industriously engaged in said pursuit.

Pat Kelly Holding 19-inch Smallmouth

Juris’s new 1800 Sportsfish Crestliner, a cruising boat but very also usable for fishing. Note that Juris and Chris are engaged in other pursuits.

Rick Zieman HOlding 30-inch Northern

Chris and Rick Zieman replacing the propeller on Juris’s boat. Rick is wonderful at this kind of thing, enormously useful to have around. He’s been doing this kind of stuff for many years for us, greatly appreciated.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

Old and new propellers. Old propeller had less than three hours on it. New propeller cost $150.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Chris Ozols with his first Woman Lake walleye since 1990, a 19-incher. According to our stat book his last walleye that year was also a 19-incher.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Chris releasing that fish, just like he released the 1990 fish. We release them all.




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