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Saturday's Pictures For May 19, 2007

Jerry Peters and Pat Kelly

Here I’m observing the fishing technique of Pat and Rick in Pat’s boat.  Actually the purpose of the picture is to give a plug to the Twin Cities Muskies Inc. chapter and hopefully drum up membership. 
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Rick and Pat in Boat_ 2007

A better look at Rick and Pat in their boat.  We have a picture like this in the Woman Lake Reports every year and I don’t know why.  It never changes.  I promise you won’t get one next year.

Pat unhooking a 17 inch walleye

Pat unhooking a 17-inch walleye caught at 8 in the morning after having his line in the water for five minutes.  The rest of the day? Skunk.

Chris and Juris in new Crestliner

Chris and I in our new Crestliner, repaired and running beautifully.  Contrast this with the picture of us yesterday.

Peters and Boettcher in Tracker

Chris preparing to “hand land” one of the many Northern Pike he caught today.  Why isn’t he using a net?  I forgot to bring one.

Bruce holding 3 inch Perch

Jerry Peters taking a picture of Bruce Boettcher proudly displaying the 3” Perch that he caught by snagging in the belly.  That’s strictly against DNR regulations, punishable in all kinds of mean ways.

Rick Zieman HOlding 30-inch Northern

Ooops, how did that picture get in there?  Fish caught very near the same spot, the same way, but photographically a much better shot.

Girl Lake Channel old logging road.

The end of a long afternoon on Woman lake.  Rick and Pat coming home through the channel between Girl Lake and Woman Lake.  The cabin is just around to the right.  The posts on the right are the remnants of an old logging road bridge from the late 1800.s


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

I finally cleaned out my tackle box, first time in years.  That’s a “slip sinker.”  I haven’t used one for a decade but had several in the box.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

The display on the “LMS-332” sonar/GPS on my Crestliner.  On the right, it shows that water depth is 15 feet with a relatively flat bottom when the picture was taken.  On the left is the track of our drifting and trolling for the last two hours.  I put a “waypoint” (right side) where we caught a Northern early on.  After that, you may notice that there are no more waypoints.

Full Slab Prime Rib Roast

Assistant Chef Bruce Boettcher pointing out some culinary detail as Master Chef Jerry Peters carves up the fifteen pound prime rib that they prepared for dinner for us tonight.  Yes indeed, we “rough it” on our fishing trips.




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