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Sunday's Pictures For May 20, 2007

All three boats tied to dock

A pretty morning shot of our dock.  Jerry’s Tracker on the left, my Crestliner against the front of the dock, and Pat’s Lund on the right.  You may notice that it’s hard to tell whether the water is frozen or not.

Fog rising above lake cold morning

The loneliness of the walleye fisherman, although not one of us.  A big lake, a bitterly cold morning, fog, clouds, wind, waves.  And with the highest probability, the poor bastard got skunked. 
So why, like him, do we do that too?

Rick's 23 inch walleye

Rick Zieman’s very nice 23 inch Walleye, released as always.  Contrast the clean look of this fish with Jerrry’s big Northern in picture 8

Not a fish tale, a fish tail.  You get the best of our sparkling photos in these WL Reports, but shots like this are also taken by some members of our crew who clearly need photography training.

Boettcher mis-netting Peters northern

A four photo sequence extracted from some 18 shots I took of Jerry working a 28 inch Northern Pike.  Bruce Boettcher netted the fish, finally.  Note the one-handed stretch.  Unfortunately, I missed a classic shot of the Northern flying out of the net the first time Bruce went after it.

Bruce holding 3 inch Perch

Rick Zieman HOlding 30-inch Northern


Girl Lake Channel old logging road........................


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

This is Jerry’s Northern with all kinds of lesions and sores on its sides.  We were speculating that it might have been run over by a prop, but more likely it’s some kind of fish disease.  Not pretty.  A lot of stuff (“VHSV” in particular) is going around and the impact on fish populations can be devastating

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

This year Jerry caught the item in the bottom of this picture.  We debated how big and heavy it might be, to no agreement.  Since Jerry did not release it, we’ll weigh and report the facts later.  The item in the upper part of the photo?  Jerry set the standard for catches with that a few years ago, also kept, but so far unweighed.





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