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Tuesday's Pictures For May 22, 2007

All three boats tied to dock

Jerry helped me take my boat out of the lake.  Although it’s a bit hard to see, a strong wind was blowing directly into the launch, big waves, which makes for tricky boat recovery.  This time it took me only two tries to drive the boat on to the trailer, which for me is excellent.  Probably my best performance at anything during the trip.

Fog rising above lake cold morning

Jerry cranking the boat on to the trailer.  This thing is heavy (despite missing a piece or two, next picture)!  We had to back the trailer a bit farther into the lake so that he could get it all the way up.  Why was it, you may ask, that Peters and not Ozols was doing the cranking?  Well, somebody had to take pictures and I’m better at that.

Rick's 23 inch walleye

See what I mean.  Ouch!  My new propeller is fine, but the bottom of the skag seems to have disappeared somehow.  Can’t imagine how that happened.

Snow pictures from Saturday?  Well, no, it’s a collection of cottonwood seeds in the grass.  The cottonwood was coming down so heavily it actually did look like snow at times.  I read once, years ago, in a fishing book that walleyes are at the very peak of their bite when the cottonwood trees put out their seeds.  Barf..

Boettcher mis-netting Peters northern

This is how you know you’re at the cabin – it has this flowery mailbox out front on the dirt road.  Come on out and drop by next year on our 2008 Woman Lake trip, visit us.  Just find that mailbox on Sarajac road out of Longville, and we’d be glad to see you..

Picture of old statistics books

These are our record books that have stats on our fishing success and lack thereof.  Lots of walleyes, lots of northerns, lots of stats.  We’re going to combine that with our Woman Lake Reports from over the years and write a book.  We would be delighted if you WLR readers would like to purchase one, nominal cost, autographed copies slightly higher.




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