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Friday's Pictures For May 16, 2008

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

Jerry’s nice smallmouth, size TBD. He needs to familiarize himself with a fishing “De-liar.” His boat is not so equipped

Zieman holding his 22 incher

Rick Zieman demonstrating the size of his walleye. Twenty two inches, measured. Their boat is fully equipped.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

That nasty trolling motor glommed onto Jerry’s line. It took disassembly of the motor to get the line off.

trolling motor showing line around prop

See what I mean? You have to give Jerry a break though. The wind was blowing, the boat was wallowing in all kinds of directions, and wrapping the line in the motor happens easily under those circumstances.

Rick and Pat

An “into the sun” shot of Rick and Pat in Pat’s boat. Note the silvery water – it makes for pretty pictures.

Ricks floating log

Jerry observing his buddies’ boat earlier in the day. No, they didn’t catch that log, it was just drifting around on the lake.

Bruces First walleye for 2008

Bruce Boettcher with the only walleye caught by our boat today, a 14-incher. Over the years, our average fish is 14-1/2 inches.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

A fishing “double.” Juris with a 22-inch Northern and Bruce with a modest size perch.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Jerry’s 30-inch Northern Pike. Not a bad fish. For a moment there we thought it was a muskie. Sigh…

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Jerry releasing his 30-incher. Our next release shot will have the fish properly facing toward the camera.




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