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Monday's Pictures For May 19, 2008

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

The thermometer on the deck of the cabin this morning registering
45 degrees fahrenheit.  It did not budge during the day.  The water temperature stayed at 48 - 49 degrees.  A cold walleye is not an active walleye, nor is a fisherman.

Zieman holding his 22 incher

A shot of Jerry in his boat taken on the “Clay Banks” spot.  You see about 10% of Woman Lake in the background.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

Looking into the sun from the same location.

trolling motor showing line around prop

The sparkles on the water must have blinded the walleyes.  We did not catch any of them here.

Rick and Pat

While I was up on the Clay Banks taking fishing shots Jerry also made a couple of high speed runs past me.  This is what his 17 foot Lund with 125 HP Mercury motor looks like when it’s “coming out of the hole.”

Ricks floating log

And here he is on plane.  His top speed is about 42 MPH, downwind, calm lake.  When we’re trolling our LIndy Rigs for walleyes we’re barely moving, just like the walleyes.  That’s “Horseshoe Island” in the background.

Bruces First walleye for 2008

We got real close to this eagle.  Beautiful birds.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

It finally got nervous about our proximity and took off.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Jerry let me drive the boat for a while, sitting up front and running the electric trolling motor.  Unlike him, I didn’t wrap my line around the electric - I wrapped it around the propeller of the big motor.  I resigned my driving duties and returned to sitting in the back of the boat while he drove.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Yours truly hard work on Woman Lake Reports.  That’s my trusty Macintosh laptop, without which you wouldn’t be getting these nightly emails.




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