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Saturday's Pictures For May 17, 2008

Rick and Pats morning start

Rick and Pat going out Saturday morning.
Pretty, sunny start of the day

Jerrys Boat at Dock

Jerry’s boat coming in early Saturday afternoon after getting blown off the lake. Note the boat is being pushed into the weeds by the wind, Bruce and Jerry are struggling to bring it to the dock, and Ozols is supervising.

Slow no Bouy

The “Slow No Wake” buoy hundred yards from the cabin with a couple of terns in possession. This year and the last few years the birds are very scarce compared to our best fishing years. Has to be some kind of correlation there. They know more than we do.

Saturdays Sky

Saturday morning the clouds and the play of
sunlight on them were spectacular.

Todays Weather

The wind velocity was also spectacular. Bruce says a flag straight out like that indicates over 20 MPH wind. Although there were a few interludes of only moderate breezes, most of the day we had gale force winds. Massive waves and whitecaps.

Bruce holding his northern

Bruce measuring his 23-1/2” afternoon northern. Just before that a rainshower had come through and put up massive waves.
Blue skies after that. The walleyes didn’t care.

Woman Lake Waves

Tough picture to take, but Rick’s photo gives you some idea of the size of the waves out there today.

Pat and Rick Arriving at Dock.

Pat Kelly driving his boat, getting close to home. Pat and Rick stayed out until 8:30 today. There was not another boat or for that matter a bird on the lake at that time.


Who came to dinner

Look! Who came to dinner.

Jerrys dinner menu

I tried to get Peters to come up with some fancy, sophisticated French / Italian names for his Dinner Creations tonight. He couldn’t do it. You’ll just have to be satisfied with feasting your eyes on this picture.

Jerrys prime rib roast

The “Standing Prime Rib Roast,” the piece de resistance of our dinner tonight.




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