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Sunday's Pictures For May 18, 2008

Group shot

The traditional “Group Shot.”  Rick is always in charge of it, sets up his camera on a timer, and here we are -
Ozols, Boettcher, Peters, Kelly, Zieman.

Jerrys Boat at Dock

A new technique for walleye fishing?  Well, no.  Rick got so worn out from all the frantic fishing action that he had to take a nap.  Note that Pat is using a more conventional technique.

sheriff with safety check

“Good day, gentlemen, can I see  your life jackets and throwable cushion?” 
“Here they are sir.”
“Thank you, have a good day.”

Jerry's first walleye

Jerry’s 19” walleye today which got him out of the “O-fer” category.

Jerry released walleye

Nice release of shot of the 19-incher.

Pat's broken reel

Pat had mysterious troubles with his reel, but Rick applied his  engineering skill and fixed it right up.  It turned out the knob holding the spool on the reel on had to be tightened.

Juris broke his rod

I had more serious, unfixable trouble with my fishing pole.  It broke on a very ordinary hook set.  Don’t know why. 
(There turned out to be no fish on the line when I set the hook.)

Juris with northern.

My 26-inch Northern Pike. 
In this case it didn’t break the pole when I set the hook.


Who came to dinner

I got this shot coming in to the channel to Girl Lake of one of the very few terns present.  The bird was on the No Wake sign, we threw a dead minnow to it, and you see what happened.  I had my Canon EOS 40D set to the “Continuous” mode of shooting in which it takes pictures automatically at 6.5 frames per second.  It captures action beautifully

Bald eagle in tall pine

This eagle is in the same tree on Broadwater Bay where you might recall we photographed it last year.  Back then a loon was nesting right under the tree.  This year no loon, but read on.

three loons having a conversation

Three loons mixing it up in front of the one nest in the channel to Woman Lake.  A very confused relationship schedule.  Loons mate for life and run around in pairs. You just don’t ever see three loons together.

final loon pair

This might be the loon pair, with # 3  looking on from a distance.  Mr. Loon might be acting to defend his territory or Mrs. Loon or whatever.  Who knows what Loons think.

momma loon on nest

Mrs. Loon on the nest.  Telephoto lens - we don’t get too close.

rejected loon flies off

The rejected suitor taking off from the water.  They have to go quite a distance to get airborne, and make an interesting “whacking” sound with their wings on the water as they get going.

Gray Heron

A Gray Heron also taking off.  Lots of those birds around, but terns and seagulls are rare as noted yesterday.

Birch trees perfectly mirrored on the water

Undoubtdly lots of birds in this picture too, but you probably can’t make them out.  Actually a nice scenic shot by Rick Zieman during his early morning constitutional walk.




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