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Friday's Pictures For May 14, 2009

Minnesota DNR pulling up a trap net

Jack Likens, owner of Musky House Marine in Longville, where they did an outstanding job of fixing up my boat’s lower unit oil problem. You got a boat problem up here? Go see Jack! 218-363-2445

trapped 25 inch walleye returned to water

There’s this sign in the entrance to the channel leading to Woman Lake. Yesterday – thursday – the sign read as shown on the left. Today – Friday - the sheriff came in and replaced it as shown. They take care of you up here.

Other fish all returned, bowfin, perch, crapie

The view from the driver’s seat of my boat as we headed for the lake on the morning’s outing. Driving rain and wind and waves as we motored out at about 5 MPH.

51 inch muskie being released

Picture of my depthfinder as we fished around Government point in that wind and waves. On the left you see the GPS tracks as we dragged our Lindy Rigs (slip sinker with Shiner minnow on a leader) around the point. The right side shows the depth. No, the bottom didn’t go up and down, it’s actually flat there. What you see is the variation in depth reading as the boat bounced up and down in the waves.

The 51 inch fish swimming away

Jerry unwrapping my line from the propeller where it got caught again today. You may recall that yesterday Rick had that task.

Juris first walleye of 2009

Bruce netting – barely – Pat’s 31 1/2” Northern Pike. That net is too small and the fish is too big for it.

Wind and waves on government point

Bruce about to release the Northern. Northern Pike over 30” aren’t all that common for us, but Jerry got one at 38 1/2” around ten years ago. For a while as he was bringing it in we thought it was a Muskie.

Jerry's first walleye of 2009 - an 11 incher.

My only catch for the day. I thought it was a four-footer as I was fighting to bring it in. Not quite, but it did turn out to be somewhat larger than Pat’s Northern.


Jerry's old cabin reserved for the opener week

Nice shot by Rick Zieman of me coming ashore after tying up my (fixed!) boat at the dock. Rick takes excellent photos. Note the fishing rod in my hand, Unused.

Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Another shot by Rick of a gaggle (?) or maybe a flock of Pelicans on the lake. Funny thing about pelicans: every ten years or so they show up in great numbers during our spring trip, but are nowhere to be seen the other years. This year is a pelican year.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Dinner cooking. That’s tonight’s 14 pound prime rib roast on top and our classic garlic cloves on the bottom. We consume prodigious quantities of garlic on these trips.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Jerry Peters, our Master Chef for 28 years, carving tonight’s masterpiece prime rib.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Woman Lake Dinner, Friday, May 15, 2009.




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