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Saturday's Pictures For May 15, 2009

Minnesota DNR pulling up a trap net

The boat launch on the southern shore of Leech Lake at Whipholt with the gale force wind blowing in. Conceivably a boat might be launched under these conditions but don’t try to put one on a trailer.

trapped 25 inch walleye returned to water

Rick Zieman’s famous cinammon rolls that he makes for morning consumption on our trip. They don’t last until noon, they are gone.

Other fish all returned, bowfin, perch, crapie

Here’s what you do when the wind howls and the waves froth – play “Hearts” at the cabin. Not really what we came up here for, but it’s better than bouncing fishlesly in a boat out on the lake.

51 inch muskie being released

Our Government Point eagles, one on the nest and one perched nearby. We debated which one was the female, but that can’t be settled with the data we have.

The 51 inch fish swimming away

Rick fighting a 23” Northern Pike late in the evening on one of our favorite fishing spots, the “Gold Coast,” so named because of the size of the mansions lining the shore there.

Juris first walleye of 2009

That 23” Northern at boat side. The ripples in the water give it a unique look.

Wind and waves on government point

Rick’s 15” walleye, his second, and only the third walleye so far this year.

Jerry's first walleye of 2009 - an 11 incher.

On the other hand, Pat Kelly caught this mediocre stick Saturday evening. You might recall that Ozols pulled in a stick substantially larger on Friday.


Jerry's old cabin reserved for the opener week

A very nice surprise late in the evening - Bruce Boettcher made these crepes with vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Amazing how nice a touch that was.

Jerry's new cabin on Leech

I ran short on pictures today, so decided to throw in this one from our 2001 Woman Lake trip. Here you see Pat and Rick coming in to harbor in Pat’s boat one evening, one of my favorite shots.




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