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Sunday's Pictures For May 16, 2009

Minnesota DNR pulling up a trap net

This is what Jerry’s boat looks like “coming out of the hole,” a bass boat term. Nice angle, but then he had some dead weight in back.

trapped 25 inch walleye returned to water

Slow fishing today, so this is Ozols reading a book about the greatest fisherman that ever lived. That book was written by his English friend Dennis – go check out what this is about at Dennis’s web site,

Other fish all returned, bowfin, perch, crapie

This year’s Loon on the nest in the channel. But see next picture.

51 inch muskie being released

Actually (Mrs.?) Loon was building the nest – she was pulling out weeds, placing them around her, and arranging things to her desires. We had never seen a Loon do this.

The 51 inch fish swimming away

Here’s what our Government Point eagles’ nest looks like in wide angle.

Juris first walleye of 2009

And here the two eagles are in the nest. We’ve never seen that either, although there have been other nests various places around the lake.

Wind and waves on government point

Canadian honkers, which also must have had a nest, in the channel to Girl Lake. As best we could see, there were three little puffball babies in the weeds at their feet.

Jerry's first walleye of 2009 - an 11 incher.

Last bird picture – a heron also in the girl lake channel. There are lots of these around the lake.


Jerry's old cabin reserved for the opener week

Pat Kelly with his 2009 Walleye, a 16-incher caught during the last hour of the last day.

Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Juris Ozols with his 2009 Walleye, a 14 incher caught during the third hour before the end of the last day.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Jerry and Bruce had a “double” – two 18” Walleyes caught the last evening. These were also the biggest Walleyes of the trip. Other years we’ve had Walleyes up to 27 inches.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Bruce netting one of Jerry’s three Northern Pike. Pat Kelly continues to fish, properly ignoring the whole thing.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

Finally, our standard group picture. We have these shots going back maybe 15 or 20 years or so, I’ll research that. Amazing how none of us have aged… See you next year.




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