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Thursday's Pictures For May 13, 2009

Minnesota DNR pulling up a trap net

My boat at a boat launch a couple of miles from Jerry’s new cabin on Leech, ready to be pulled from the water and trailered to Woman Lake. I took me a half hour to go from the cabin to the launch through 30 MPH winds and 4 foot waves.

trapped 25 inch walleye returned to water

I got the boat from the Woman Lake boat launch to the cabin okay, but when I tried to start it to go fishing a bit later, a dead battery. Here I am, on the way to get a new one. $85.

Other fish all returned, bowfin, perch, crapie

A standard situation – fishing line wrapped around the propeller. Here Rick Zieman is leaning out over the back of my boat untangling my line from my propeller, as Pat looks on, with Jerry and Bruce fishing in the distance. Rick is a good man.

51 inch muskie being released

A closeup of some of the line that Rick managed to unwrap from the propeller. We finally had to cut a lot of it off though.

The 51 inch fish swimming away

Bruce measuring his first catch of the trip, a 23” northern pike as Jerry continues to fish. This was earlier in the afternoon, and the wind was still kicking up some waves.

Juris first walleye of 2009

Later in the afternoon, when the wind died down to flat calm. So, we saw 4-foot waves in the morning, and not even 4-millimiter waves some 6 hours later.

Wind and waves on government point

An eagles’ nest on government point, and the two eagles perched next to it. When we went out earlier, the eagles were in the nest, and I’m sure we’ll get some pictures like that.

Jerry's first walleye of 2009 - an 11 incher.

Rick and I trying to squirt lubricating oil into the lower unit of my boat. Didn’t work. I’ll be taking it in to the Marina on Friday to se if they can fix it. I think there’s a repair job coming up when I get home.


Jerry's old cabin reserved for the opener week

Jerry and Rick walking down to the dock to get Jerry’s boat ready for the evening fishing.

Jerry's new cabin on Leech

The rest of the crowd, excluding me, going out for the evening bite. I stayed behind to ponder the status of my boat and to do the daily Woman Lake Report.


Jerry's new cabin on Leech

You know, all this lower unit stuff is because I hit the rock out here with my propeller a couple of years ago? I really wish I hadn’t done that… Well, back to Woman Lake Reports.




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