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Wednesday's Pictures For May 12, 2009

Minnesota DNR pulling up a trap net

The Minnesota DNR pulling up a “trap net” on Leech Lake on Sunday. They got seven Muskies ranging from 34 to 51 inches that day for scale and fin sampling.

trapped 25 inch walleye returned to water

They also got other fish, which were all returned to the water. Here you see a Walleye in the upper 20” range going back in the water.

Other fish all returned, bowfin, perch, crapie

Not only walleyes, but also lots of other kinds of fish showed up in the trap nets, including a number of large bowfin ("dogfish"). All went back in.

51 inch muskie being released

Here’s that 51 inch Muskie being released after sampling.

The 51 inch fish swimming away

And away it went - a magnificent fish!

Juris first walleye of 2009

My first Walleye of 2009, caught on Leech Lake. I got a kick out of it of course, but not sure that fish was all that excited about the doings.

Wind and waves on government point

Wind and waves on Government Point, Woman Lake. Those we got, but only one small Walleye and one small Northern Pike..

Jerry's first walleye of 2009 - an 11 incher.

Here’s Jerry’s Walleye (posed just a bit) – an 11-incher. That’s a two-year old fish which will be 15 inches or so next year. The average length of Walleyes that we’ve caught over the previous 27 years is 14.5 inches.


Jerry's old cabin reserved for the opener week

Jerry’s “Old Cabin” on Woman Lake, now passed on to other owners but we have rights reserved to stay there for our annual Walleye week in the spring.

Jerry's new cabin on Leech

And his “New Cabin” on Leech Lake, which has internet access so we have to come back here to publish our Woman Lake Reports.




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