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Monday's Pictures For May 17, 2010

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

My Crestliner boat being pulled into the Musky House Marine shop to investigate why the “trouble whistle” was blowing continuously when I launched it for the first time this year.

Zieman holding his 22 incher

The lower unit in disassembly.  Problem – low oil in there.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

The mechanic checking my Crestliner’s lower unit for oil leaks.  And indeed, they did find one.  So, get it fixed.  Not part of the plan for the fishing trip but such is life.

trolling motor showing line around prop

While my boat is in repair, we launched Jerry’s Lund and went out on Woman Lake in the evening.

Rick and Pat

The first fish of the year caught by Jerry.   Unfortunately, a perch, but not bad size at all.  Jerry caught seven more, of about that size or a bit smaller.  These were a lot bigger than what we’ve been catching the last few years.

Ricks floating log

This is what a perch looks like with a shiner minnow part way down its throat.  Sometimes a mess to get the hook out.  As with all the fish we catch, walleys and northerns and all, we release the perch too.

Bruces First walleye for 2008

Okay, my long standing tradition: I kiss my first fish of the year.  This year a very decent sized perch.  Walleyes are better to kiss but a man has to work

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

Jerry got rock bass.  Those are relatively scarce on Woman Lake, but not held in high esteem.  It went back in the water.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Sunset on Woman Lake shortly before 9 pm.  No wind, a few clouds, a beautiful evening.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

Our minnow bucket floating in the water behind the boat.  I neglected to tie it down to the boat when I threw it in.  You know it’s been a slow day when I have to take pictures like this.




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