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Thursday's Pictures For May 19, 2010

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

Jerry Peters and Pat Kelly in Jerry’s Lund, on a hunt for Loon nests in the Woman Lake channel.  And as you’ll see, they did indeed find two.

Zieman holding his 22 incher

Juris and Rick in Juris’s Crestliner cruising past their buddies at about the same time the last picture was taken.  We had searched for nests fruitlessly earlier and didn’t believe there were any.  We were wrong.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

Here’s the first Loon nest.  This one is on the south side of the channel where we normally find them, but built well back into the weeds and tricky to spot.

trolling motor showing line around prop

The second Loon nest on the north side of the channel in a spot we haven’t seen one before.  This Loon is not excited about the photo op by the intruders and is voicing its displeasure.  Male and female Loons take turns sitting on the nest.

Rick and Pat

The eagle nest on Government Point we talked about last year.

Ricks floating log

A nice shot by Bruce of an eagle “Flaring” as it comes in for a landing at the nest.

Bruces First walleye for 2008

One of the eagle pair in the nest.  We didn’t spot any baby eagle heads sticking up yet.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

And the eagle taking off in flight from the nest.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

Another nice shot by Bruce of a Great Gray heron in flight.  These kinds of photos aren’t terribly difficult to get – the birds let you get quite close before they take off and they’re also slow.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

On to dinner.  Rick cutting up garlic cloves for insertion in the roast beef.  We have never had any trouble from vampires given the vast quantities of garlic we consume.

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

Head chef Bruce preparing his “Bovine Morte Roast Beef Rachele” for the evening feast.

Zieman holding his 22 incher

Here’s what it looked like, plus we had shrimp and cocktail sauce for appetizer and Cookies ‘n Cream” ice cream for dessert.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

Bruce got a 27” Northern Pike later on in the evening.  That’s by far the biggest fish so far.

trolling motor showing line around prop

And the end of a good day – Juris and Rick in the Crestliner in the golden glow of the setting sun over Government Point



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