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Tueday's Pictures For May 18, 2010

Jerry Peters holding a smallmouth bass

Well, nothing really to do with fishing but these are Baltimore Orioles that live in great numbers around Jerry and Mary’s Leech Lake house.  The feeder is supposed to be for Hummingbirds but the Orioles like it too.

Zieman holding his 22 incher

Jerry and Rick preparing to install the boat battery in my Ford.  This is too painful to talk about any further.

trolling motor caught jerrys line

Jerry’s Lund on plane passing another boat as we head out for Woman Lake in the evening.  A “still wind” day and “mirror water.”

trolling motor showing line around prop

Speaking of pain, here’s Rick examining the broken tip of his fishing pole.  Lesson learned – don’t step on the tip of a rod.  Actually the more fundament lesson, and one we all know, is that you never lay a fishing rod down on the floor of a boat.  Always lean it against something.

Rick and Pat

More of the same.  This is Rick working to unwrap his fishing line from the propeller of my boat.  Two ways to get the line into that situation – (a) Incompetence and carelessness when the boat is moving, or (b) Incompetence and carelessness when the boat is still.  Do as Rick did and use only method (b).  The line comes off much easier.

Ricks floating log

Jerry netting Pat Kelly’s first walleye of the trip, a very nice 18 1/2 inch fish. 

Bruces First walleye for 2008

And here’s Pat smiling as he prepares to release the walleye.  My guess is that of all the Minnesota fishermen that go after walleyes, the vast majority – maybe 99% - would not release a fine “eating size” walleye like that.  With all due modesty, we’re a different crowd.

Peter attempting to Eat Walleye.

An “into the sunset” picture of Rick and his first walleye.  They’re beautiful fish with golden tails and fins, and a setting sun makes them even prettier.


Pat Kellys Boat at Dock

And here’s a sunset picture of me.  This was taken around 9 pm, after the “evening bite” was pretty much over, and we had time to play around with photography.

Jerry Preparing Tenderloin

The track of my boat for about a two-hour period as captured by my GPS unit.  Obviously we focus on a very small area (this is the “Gold Coast”) that we know holds fish.  I sometimes wonder if the fish know about that too, and move off elsewhere.



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