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Monday's Pictures For May 23, 2011

Jerry Peters, fisherman at rest

Mark Grovak, fisherman at rest

Pat Kelly, fisherman at rest

Bruce Boettcher fisherman at rest

Jerry Peters on the dock at the cabin patching up one of our “flow through” minnow bait buckets.  We use these to haul shiner minnows around with us on the lake, tied to the boat. Water flows through and keeps the minnows alive and fresh.

Jerry’s nice 18” walleye caught on Monday.  He has a ruler fastened on the boat for quick measurement before release.  We keep the walleyes out of the water as briefly as possible.

And here’s a water release of a walleye.  If they look like they might be struggling we swish them back and forth in the water to revive them.



The depth finder / GPS on Jerry’s Lund boat.  The red lines on the left mark the track of the boat over our favorite “Gold Coast” spot.  Lots of fish have been caught there.


– An eagle in its nest on Government point.  We’ve had pictures of this same nest for several years now.  Eagles apparently return to their same nest annually so you’ve seen that eagle before.

The eagle’s mate in a tree closer to the water so Rick got a nice closeup of it.




We get so many comments from our readership about our adventures.that we decided we should share some of these (with the approval of the author, of course), and start a new column called Woman Lake Chronicles Feedback. Below is the first entry submitted by Ron Frederick.

It sounds like you have finally got the technique down (ergo, no probs).  My first fishing trip of the year in Southern Illinois was good too (many LM Bass & huge crappies), but here is what happened to these two seasoned fisherman:

1. Left the boat plug out once (we trailered the boat in/out each day).

2. Left the transom bar on once.

3. Inadvertently bumped dash switch to ON, so that the motor-starting battery was dead the next morning.

4. Partner stepped on my Frabill net at some point and broke the handle in half.

5. Partner threw his Loomis Crankbait Rod/Johnny Morris reel (approx. $400+) into the lake on our last day.  He blamed it on the 1/4 oz. Rattle-Trap lure getting caught on the line. (He's a 57 year old, healthy retired Cook County Chicago Sheriff's Officer and quite fit/trim.)  It went in about 11' of muddy water.  We dragged the bottom for it over an hour without any luck in hooking it.

6. I got home and on Mother's Day, while unloading my gear, ran a Gamakatsu super sharp hook into my thumb that required a trip to Urgent Care.  With deductibles, this will become my $400+ mistake.

7. One of our favorite breakfast restaurants in Murphysboro, IL was closed due to the health department finding black mold all over the place!!!  No chocolate chip pancakes this year!

All I can say is, "When do we go fishing again---I can't wait!!!"




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