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Thursday's Pictures For May 19, 2011

Rick Zieman examining his first walleye of the trip, a nice 15” walleye he caught in his first half hour on the lake. 
He was skunked for walleyes the rest of the day.

Ozols with a fair sized northern pike on the line.  I’m looking around for the net, northerns can be tricky to hand land, but the net is in my garage in Apple Valley.

Measuring the northern after it was hand landed.  I claimed it was 28 inches but here it sure seems to be closer to 27.

I pulled in this lure – a “Lazy Ike”? - and a couple of hundred feet of line that I snagged.  It fought like a walleye, a major disappointment.

Extracting a shiner minnow from a perch.  Rick pointed out that the perch always swallow the minnows head first, and he’s absolutely right.  So do walleyes – we’ve never pulled a minnow head first out of a walleye

Well, we haven’t found a nesting pair of loons yet, but this one came and played with our boat up to a couple of feet away.  We threw it a dead minnow and it took it.

A close up of the loon’s head – note the red eye.  In all our years on Woman Lake no loon has ever come this close to the boat


I like these backlit, silhouette shots.  Under the right light conditions the water becomes silvery – really a pretty sight.


And of course the classic “into the sunset” shot.  This one is far better than the ones you got yesterday because of the presence of the boat.  Jerry and Pat on Jerry’s Lund.

Pat Kelly with his 22 inch walleye, the biggest of the trip so far, by 5 inches.  He caught with the next-to-last minnow on their boat.  It may also be the biggest walleye for the past 4 or 5 years.  Our biggest ever on Woman Lake is 27 1/2 inches



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