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Wednesday's Pictures For May 18, 2011

The view toward the dock in front of the cabin with Jerry’s Lund and my Crestliner tied up. Woman Lake is out the channel to the left.

The first fish of the year!  Jerry caught this small – very small – perch after only an hour of fishing.

His second fish, a somewhat bigger perch caught a few minutes after the first one.

And then the “big perch” of the day.  As you might have figured out, the perch are not running big this year.

And then my first walleye, although only a 12-incher.  But what a great start, getting one this early in the trip.  Other years I’ve gone the whole time without a walleye.

Back to perch.  They like to swallow the minnow and hook, deep.  Then needle nose pliers are the only thing that works, but even that gets messy

On the other hand, when a walleye decides to get tangled in the net that also gets to be a pain.  We normally don’t use a net on the smaller fish and just “hand land” them.


The big walleye so far, Jerry’s 17-incher, one of two that size that he caught


Even if a the fish don’t bite, sunsets like this are always a joy

And the sun goes down and it’s time to go back to the cabin.



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