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Friday's Pictures For May 17, 2013

This is our "cabin" on Girl Lake, which is connected to Woman Lake via the channel past Government Point. The cabin formerly belonged to Jerry but is now owned by his brother-in-law who graciously allows us to use it every spring.

Jerry's Lund and my Crestliner tied up at the spot where I took the blackbird pictures Thursday.

Ozols working on Friday's Woman Lake Report and snacking on a leftover hunk of garlic bread from Pat Kelly's Thursday night dinner.

Okay, my first fish of the year, a nice 17" smallmouth bass. We typically - and accidentally - catch one or two every year as we fish for walleye. Bass season is not open and they are always lovingly released. But bass are magnificent fish, a joy to encounter.

We release all our walleyes and northerns but that does not extend to perch.  Here Rick is filleting three perch we caught today – these will be an appetizer for dinner one night.

And what are the perch feasting on? The stomach contents of one 12-inch perch: a water beetle of some kind and two small crayfish. The perch was caught on a golden shiner minnow so that's part of their diet too.

Jerry with his first walleye of the year, a gorgeous 13-incher. Contrast that with the picture of Rick's 24-incher from yesterday. That was a much older and more beat up fish. But the younger fish can be spectacularly pretty. Much as muskies enjoy extremely high status, they are not nearly as pretty. Northern pike, which aren't revered nearly as much, are even worse.

Pat Kelly with his 17-inch walleye caught on the Gold Coast. Bruce is smiling in the background, happy for Pat, but both he and Ozols are skunked for walleyes so far.

Rick and a 14 inch Gold Coast walleye. The wind was blowing, the skies cloudy, and the temperature dropping but catching a walleye is enough to gladden the heart, even if only mildly.

Dinner Friday night compliments of Master Chef Boettcher assisted by various other blokes. Bruce makes outstanding Prime Rib Roast dinners every year!

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