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Saterday's Pictures For May 18, 2013

Picture left over from Friday night. Jerry was baking popovers and part of the deal with those is you can't open the oven door or else they will deflate and flat. So Jerry and Bruce are checking out the oven to see how the popovers are doing. They ended up nice and big and tender.

Another Friday photo Bruce took a photo of Jerry taking a photo of Pat's 17-incher. Both have iPhones, as do I. Pat has a Blackberry but otherwise he's really okay.

Rick likes to go for morning walks along the road in back of the cabin. So here was a nice scene that greeted him Saturday am.

The spring dock installation crew came by and put in the cabin's two docks while we were out fishing. Here Rick is taking a photo of the red-wing blackbird in the cattails.

The same bird as the one I photographed on Thursday? Maybe not, but obviously just as photogenic.

The "other boat" out on the Gold Coast. Only one perch for their boat to show for the morning's fishing.

Here's the perch from my boat, also the only product of the outing Saturday morning. We kept that and Rick fileted it for appetizers for dinner. Nothing particularly interesting to see in what the stomach contained.

Rick ready to serve his outstanding salmon dinner.



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