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Sunday's Pictures For May 19, 2013

Jerry's boat on one of his very favorite spots on the "Gold Coast." This is so named because of the size and value of the houses there, see top left in the photo. Rich residents, thus "Gold Coast."

Rick and I in my Crestliner which is more of a "cruising boat" than a "fishing boat," as opposed to Jerry's Lund which is a classic fishing boat. The fish must understand that too, because they seem to catch more of them from Jerry's boat than we do from mine.

My 18" northern pike from the morning outing. Comment on my "Rascals' sweatshirt. That comes from my favorite establishment back home, and you will see more of me in that garb on these pages in coming years. You old-time WLR readers may remember me in my "Musky" sweatshirt, a fixture for many years. This replaces that classic of mine.

This is me doing a "Boettcher Release" on my small northern (see picture 8 from Thursday). I don't think the fish really mind this, and are just glad to get back in the water.

Rick battling a really nice 30" northern on the shallow waters of Lantern Bay.

Rick's much more professional release of the big northern. And also a very professional release photo. My advice on release shots when I give fishing photo seminars: Lean over the side, put the camera down by the water and shoot back up so you get both the releaser and releasee in close up.

A shot of my depthfinder showing the GPS history of the boat's tracks in purple and various Woman Lake landmarks. We used this equipment to navigate home in the fog Saturday night.

Our traditional "group shot" on the balcony of the cabin looking out over Girl Lake: Bruce, Jerry, Juris, Pat, Rick.



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