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Thursday's Pictures For May 16, 2013

This is the view looking out into Girl Lake from Jerry’s cabin there. Not much of a photo you say, not up to the usual Woman Lake Reports photos?  But note the cattails and then the next picture.

While I was fiddling around with stuff  on my boat a female Red Wing blackbird lit on one of the cattails only a few feet from me and started feeding.  An amazing opportunity for a photo like I’ve never done before. 
Walleyes are one thing but these kinds of events on a fishing trip are something else.

Jerry Peters coming in to shore in his Lund, photo taken from the same spot as the previous two.  We have caught many, many walleyes and northern pike from that boat, and even a few muskies, although not on Woman Lake.

Apologize a bit for this one – a quite standard sunset picture from one of our favorite spots on the “Gold Coast.”  I send you a few like this every year.

I fished with Rick Zieman all day today.  He catches fish.  Here you see Rick casting with some obscure red-nosed wooden crank bait.  For walleyes?  We have never – repeat, never! – caught a walleye on Woman Lake with anything except live bait.  I laughed at him.

Rick Zieman with a fine 24-inch walleye he caught casting with said obscure red-nosed wooden crank bait.

And here Rick shows excellent form in releasing his walleye.  As I’ve told you many times, we release all the walleyes we catch and have been doing that for many years.

In contrast, here is Bruce Boettcher also “releasing” a northern pike.  This is not good form.  He muttered something about the fish being slippery and escaping his grasp but you be the judge.



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